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The Stepney Volunteer Fire Company is one of three fire companies in the Town of Monroe, located about 10 miles north of Bridgeport, CT. Our response area consists of 26 square miles and a population of over 20,000. We operate from 2 stations using four engines, a truck, a heavy rescue, a squad and a chief's vehicle. Currently we are the only Ladder Company in the Town of Monroe. The fire company's primary coverage area includes the following sections of Monroe: Stepney, Stevenson and Monroe Center. We also provide coverage to the Towns of Trumbull, Easton, Newtown and Shelton on a mutual aide basis. The Stepney Vol. Fire Company is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the residents of the Town of Monroe and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Old Engine 36

As you know, we're expecting a MAJOR snowstorm in the next day or so. Stepney's volunteers, along with our counterparts in Stevenson and Monroe Fire Companies, are asking all of Monroe's residents to locate and shovel a 3-4 foot circle around their nearby fire hydrants. Stepney Chief Rose, along with Monroe Fire Chief Lattanzi and Stevenson Fire Chief Galbraith, suggest that if your hydrant is not yet dug out, it would be a great idea if you cleaned the area around your closest hydrant. It's also a good idea to check it after every snowfall. If the time comes when we need to use that fire hydrant for a fire at your house or your neighbor's house, we'll probably be in a big, BIG hurry. Thanks. We appreciate it.

Which hydrant looks like yours? This one...
   Which hydrant looks like yours? This
...or this one? In an emergency, seconds count.
   ...or this one? In an emergency, seconds
Monday, January 30, 2017 09:30
Stepney Fire, along with Stevenson and Monroe companies, were called out about 9:30 Monday morning to the scene of an accident on Judd Road involving an oil delivery truck that left the roadway and struck a tree and caused a rupture of the truck’s 2,500 gallon oil tank. The units are working on mitigating the spill with Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP). DEEP said they recovered around 380 gallons from the delivery truck’s tank, so 1,700 gallons made their way to the ground. DEEP is now working with an environmental contractor to come up with a recovery plan. Judd Road was closed down between North Street in Easton and Hattertown Road in Monroe and is expected to remain closed for 48 hours.

Monday, November 14, 2016
Monroe Fire units responded mutual aid to Stepney Fire Department to an oven that caught fire during its self-cleaning mode on Red Barn Road Monday morning. The fire was contained within the oven. E104, E101, E203, E302 were on scene.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Stepney and Monroe Volunteer Fire Departments held a combined drill yesterday evening to practice vehicle extrication and demo some new battery powered hydraulic tools.

Stepney's Volunteers are preparing for their upcoming Vehicle Extrication class. To make this class happen, they will need many vehicles to train on. If you have a car or truck that you no longer have a use for, why not donate it to the Stepney Volunteer Fire Department? Your donation is tax-deductible and your gift of the car or truck will be used as a great training aid to your firefighters. For more information, or to donate a vehicle, contact Deputy Chief Eric Bleakney at or by phone at 203-520-8317. And, Thanks!

Friday, October 21, 2016
What a wonderful visit we had at Step-A-Way preschool. Stepney firefighters Greg Loehr and Joe Dias, along with junior firefighter Kyle Deegan, brought Engine 104 to the campus to show the youngsters a real firetruck. We also talked about calling 911, what to do if your smoke alarm goes off and what a firefighter looks like when he or she goes to a fire. We also let the children shoot water from the fire hose. Everybody had a great time.

Students got to see what a firefighter looks like at a fire.
   Students got to see what a firefighter
      looks like at a fire.
Three generations at Fire Prevention: Step-A-Way teacher Patti Dias poses next to her son, Stepney member Joe Dias and her grandson and student, Manny Dias.
   Three generations at Fire Prevention:
      Step-A-Way teacher Patti Dias poses next
      to her son, Stepney member Joe Dias and
      her grandson and student, Manny Dias.
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
We are having a WONDERFUL time this week, visiting pre-school, kindergarten and first grade students during Fire Prevention Week. We visited Little Ivy Nursery School, Child World Academy, Stepney Elementary School and will be visiting Step-A-Way Nursery School. Here are some photos taken at the Child World visit.

Just one of the many classes we met at Child World.
   Just one of the many classes we met at
      Child World.
Mother-and-daughter moment. Stepney firefighter Samantha poses with her daughter Bails.
   Mother-and-daughter moment. Stepney
      firefighter Samantha poses with her
      daughter Bails.
Thursday, September 22, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Stepney Fire just completed its annual Lobster Clambake. What a party, um dinner, it was! Great food, fabulous steaks, terrific lobster and wonderful burgers and hot dogs. Special thanks go out to all of the people who were involved in putting on this dinner.

Hungry customers are lining up.
   Hungry customers are lining up.
Roy and Rudy prep lobsters for your dinnerplates.
   Roy and Rudy prep lobsters for your
Happy 92nd Birthday, Vern!
   Happy 92nd Birthday, Vern!
Word just came in to the newsdesk that Stepney member VERN DAVIS will be turning 92 years old on August 31st. Ninety-two years old! That's amazing! A big STEPNEY FIRE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Vern!

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Stepney Fire Chief Scott Rose, Sr. announced the lieutenants for 2016-2017. They are: Lieutenants Joe Dias and Scott Rose, Jr. Contratulations.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 
We had a terrific drill last night. Stepney's Truck 100 joined Monroe's Quint 200 and Long Hill's Ladder Tower 204 for a little cross-company training. There's nothing like playing with other people's toys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
We had a fanTAStic time at the National Night Out at Wolfe Park. Stepney's Truck 100 and Engine 102 were on hand, along with apparatus and manpower from Monroe and Stevenson Fire and Monroe EMS, CERT, Monroe PD and DEEP (including their boat). Many people stopped by and a lot of kids (and some parents) took a tour of the insides of the Truck. A GREAT time was had by all.

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